Sunday, October 25, 2009

from the plane


I know I recently posted the Mission Abort clip, but I watched the Foxx on Fire trilogy of ridiculousness, and remembered that it is quite ridiculous... Enjoy.

location scout

golf clubs

found another great location 45 mins from the city, went down to do a test shoot with my friend elias the other day, the weather conditions were sublime. will definitly be returning there over summer to shoot more.. if anyones up for putting together a tropical short film with some nude men and animals.. i'm keen. we can get charlie the pilot on board and fly to a remote island.

my pilot

so i went flying the other day with my friend charlie. he's 20 years old and very handsome. i was scouting for locations so i'll post up some footage and photos this week

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Gym Odyssey

Here is some footage from my latest film. This is a very rough cut of a scene. It will eventually have music... I'm thinking a classical piece, something high on the transcendental scale.

Muscles - Gym scene (rough cut) from Edward Housden on Vimeo.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Camera Malfunction

When getting the footage back from my film shoot. I had a few shots that seemed to have some camera problems. What do you make of it?

Muscles from Edward Housden on Vimeo.

Part 2 from Edward Housden on Vimeo.


A recent photo shoot i did for melbourne band Foxx on Fire. Now I'm not really a photographer but I think the results are pretty interesting. These were taken on Kodak 400 asa using an old medium format press camera. I underexposed the neg by around 3 stops and then push processed 2 stops. I wonder how a similar techinque would look on motion picture film?

rock bottom

this is one of my shots from the bodybuilding show housden and i checked out

so i did this shoot with a black snake and a slab of black perspex.......its lacking. conceptually. anyone got a good idea? black on black

flying a kite..?

which do you prefer..?

thinking of doing some more dead pan night time stuff like i did last semester... what more would you like to see in this image..? i originally had a light coming through that garage window but lecturers told me to take it out - dh's.

how about a goat on the vegie patch?

can you dig it?

anyone into this location...? ignore the bottom frame

Filming Muscle

Here is Ariel Kleiman, Ben Gilovitz and me shooting some doco-style footage for my film MUSCLES at the 2009 NABBA Max's Victorian Championships. This moment is a tender dance between the Body Builder onstage and Ben and Ari on the camera. I on the other hand was somewhat disheveled that day. Video shot by Geordie Hewitt. 19/9/2009.

Filming Muscles from Edward Housden on Vimeo.

Foxx off!

Fellows, here is the Foxx on Fire clip for Mission Abort. There is new one on the way and I will be posting some sneak peaks of it looking for some feedback. But for now...

Foxx on Fire - Mission Abort from Foxx on Fire on Vimeo.

New Art.

Hello Brethren,

Enjoy my latest Music Video effort. Looking forward to your thoughts...

Thursday, March 5, 2009

the new wave is here, but this page is COMING SOON...